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Free Birthday and Anniversary Mail Sender Software

Open Source Application to send Birthday and Anniversary greetings to the employees
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How to Dockerize Spring Boot Applications

Article to demonstrate how to dockerize a spring boot application with all the required maven dependency plugins and Dockerfile.

Create a Spring Boot 2 Application & Register it in Eureka

Spring boot tutorial and a eureka client example including eureka client properties to guide the microservice beginners.

Create Eureka Server Using Spring Cloud

Quick beginners guide to Eureka Server using Spring Cloud with all the necessary eureka server dependency maven dependencies and eureka server configuration.

How to create MariaDB Galera Cluster in CentOS 6.x

Galera cluster tutorial and overview for the beginners followed by galera cluster setup centos 6 and galera cluster configuration.

How to Create Yum Repository & Upload RPMs from Nexus

In this post you will learn how to link your custom rpm files from nexus to yum repository and to install your own components in RHEL or CentOS at...