Spring Security Architecture – Authentication

2 months ago
Parijat Mukherjee

The Spring Security project is perhaps the biggest and one of the best projects so far by Spring. When I…

Make Use of SOLID Coding Principles

We all know what are the pros and cons of Object Oriented Programming, but what about writing better codes? What…

2 months ago

Free Birthday and Anniversary Mail Sender Software

Open Source Application to send Birthday and Anniversary greetings to the employees

3 months ago

How to Dockerize Spring Boot Applications

Article to demonstrate how to dockerize a spring boot application with all the required maven dependency plugins and Dockerfile.

4 months ago

Create a Spring Boot 2 Application & Register it in Eureka

Spring boot tutorial and a eureka client example including eureka client properties to guide the microservice beginners.

5 months ago

Create Eureka Server Using Spring Cloud

Quick beginners guide to Eureka Server using Spring Cloud with all the necessary eureka server dependency maven dependencies and eureka…

5 months ago